Saturday, April 25, 2015


Chapter 1: Singsolver
One day mystery solver Dimper Singsolver sat secretly in his secret tree house. The secret tree was his secret outdoor in rainforest.
While Dimper was in his very own secret tree house he was reading the newspaper.
At the same time he was moving his lucky handkerchief. The handkerchief  was lucky to him, because he wanted a lucky something and it really was lucky to him. While he was moving his handkerchief, he accidentally threw his handkerchief out of the tree house door.

Chapter 2: What
While it was falling it was about to go in Dimper's dog mouth. But at the last second a strong gust of wind swept the handkerchief and onto the back of the newspaper Dimper was reading. After Dimper was done reading the newspaper, he held his palm at the his face and said "The newspaper was good today, wasn't it Lucky handkerchief?'. After he was done saying the sentence he looked like he was going to explode into tiny sparks and looked like it was Bye Bye Earth.

Chapter 3: Search
He jumped right out of the tree house doorway and into his HUGE and CRAZY house. First Dimper went to his wife Mary Singsolver and shouted "Did you steal my lucky handkerchief?". "Nope" said his wife, "Do you really think I would steal it? I am your wife"."Ok fine" Dimper grumbled under his breath.
When he went to his dog, he went to see if he was chewing or hiding something. But no. So Dimper went to his tree house with disappointed face.

Chapter 4: Found
When he came back to his own secret tree house, he saw his lucky handkerchief on the back of the newspaper, "yay!!" he shouted.

Story written on:September 28th, 2013