Sunday, April 19, 2015


Jack loved football really much. He was in college; was 18 years old and was not a big person. He lived in Denver and played in a tackle football league. Their team name was the New England Pieman; that's what everybody called him, because he loved pie. Jack was really good at covering short passes, even if two people were on him.

Jack's team was in the super bowl. They were versing the Miami Dolphins. It's the 4th quarter with  5 seconds left. Dolphins leading by 7, score was 35-28. Patriot ball at their 5 yard line. Quarterback is shot gun, snaps it, looking for a receiver; looks around finds 4 ft 8 inch Jack on the left open. He throws it and Jack catches it at the 8 yard line and runs. He juked out 2 players. He runs on the left, across the whole field for a touch down!!!. They make a 2 point conversion and a win 36-35.

The next day on the newspaper said that the shortest person on a kid's youth football team makes an incredible touchdown. Jack thought "Good!".

Story written on: 15th January 2015

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