Saturday, April 25, 2015


Chapter 1: Singsolver
One day mystery solver Dimper Singsolver sat secretly in his secret tree house. The secret tree was his secret outdoor in rainforest.
While Dimper was in his very own secret tree house he was reading the newspaper.
At the same time he was moving his lucky handkerchief. The handkerchief  was lucky to him, because he wanted a lucky something and it really was lucky to him. While he was moving his handkerchief, he accidentally threw his handkerchief out of the tree house door.

Chapter 2: What
While it was falling it was about to go in Dimper's dog mouth. But at the last second a strong gust of wind swept the handkerchief and onto the back of the newspaper Dimper was reading. After Dimper was done reading the newspaper, he held his palm at the his face and said "The newspaper was good today, wasn't it Lucky handkerchief?'. After he was done saying the sentence he looked like he was going to explode into tiny sparks and looked like it was Bye Bye Earth.

Chapter 3: Search
He jumped right out of the tree house doorway and into his HUGE and CRAZY house. First Dimper went to his wife Mary Singsolver and shouted "Did you steal my lucky handkerchief?". "Nope" said his wife, "Do you really think I would steal it? I am your wife"."Ok fine" Dimper grumbled under his breath.
When he went to his dog, he went to see if he was chewing or hiding something. But no. So Dimper went to his tree house with disappointed face.

Chapter 4: Found
When he came back to his own secret tree house, he saw his lucky handkerchief on the back of the newspaper, "yay!!" he shouted.

Story written on:September 28th, 2013

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Jack loved football really much. He was in college; was 18 years old and was not a big person. He lived in Denver and played in a tackle football league. Their team name was the New England Pieman; that's what everybody called him, because he loved pie. Jack was really good at covering short passes, even if two people were on him.

Jack's team was in the super bowl. They were versing the Miami Dolphins. It's the 4th quarter with  5 seconds left. Dolphins leading by 7, score was 35-28. Patriot ball at their 5 yard line. Quarterback is shot gun, snaps it, looking for a receiver; looks around finds 4 ft 8 inch Jack on the left open. He throws it and Jack catches it at the 8 yard line and runs. He juked out 2 players. He runs on the left, across the whole field for a touch down!!!. They make a 2 point conversion and a win 36-35.

The next day on the newspaper said that the shortest person on a kid's youth football team makes an incredible touchdown. Jack thought "Good!".

Story written on: 15th January 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015


There was two brothers with a grandpa and a grandma; no mother and no father. Only them. They were very poor. They had no money. 

Once the older brother said, I want to go to school. Then the grandpa said we do not have any gold. Then when the two brothers got older they got two billion thousand hundred dollars. Both of the brothers wanted them though only one could get it. By that time the grandpa and grandma were dead. So the brothers fighted for the money. 

When they were out of their house and they went through the road with cards driving and through the beach and into the ocean and into outer space and to god. And by that time brothers noticed that they with god. So the brothers screamed get the money earned because they were fighting over the money. They said to god, sorry. God said why did you say sorry. The two brothers said because we fighted over the money and please don't make us jump from here to earth, they both said. I will not and I will make go gently from here to earth. I cannot do now. Why they asked. You have to jump.

The end.

Story written on: January 25, 2012


Monday, March 2, 2015


George lived with his family in Cleveland, Ohio. He had one older brother named Jeremy. They were really close to each other.
One day at the middle of the breakfast, George's dad announced "I have found a new job. Unfortunately, it will not be in Cleveland. It will be in Asteron."
Everybody else asked each other the same question "Where is Asteron?"
"Asteron is a different planet. It has two fun things there. One, there are always asteroids and the planet is made of candy."

"We don't have a plane" George asked.
"We have one in the attic" his dad replied.

When he landed, George knew that he would love it. He said "Hello Asteron"

 Story written on: August 14, 2014

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Once there was a vase of flowers. It was invisible. It turned invisible when someone was looking at it. It did not turn invisible when nothing was looking at it.

One day two scientists really wanted to finally catch and see the vase of flowers. They had a plan. They were the best top two scientists in the world so they had a brilliant idea. The brilliant idea was that one of the scientist would make  the other scientist another invisible vase with flowers. So they were going to do it that night.

So the invisible scientist was called Elisma. She had camera with her so she would take a picture of the  real invisible vase of flowers. Then she would show the picture of the real invisible case of flowers to everyone that was trying to catch it. So first, she would say "yooo-hoooh" to the real invisible vase of flowers. So she did exactly what they had planned. But Elisma got 2 electrical cables.

When the vase of flowers(the real one) came close to Elisma, first she took a picture really fast and then tied the electrical cable to vase neck so that it would not become invisible. They got hold of the vase and Vase of flowers went to the museum so everyone could see it.

Story written on: February 3, 2013

Saturday, February 14, 2015

England King.

In a far off land in England, there was a very tiny city. In that city almost every person was really really bad. The only people who were good in that city in the England was the King, Queen and their children, Max and May. 

So the family made a plan that will make the people in that city become good.  King arranged for a meeting with everyone in the city at the palace. At the meeting, the king said " I will give every single one of you 10 pounds of gold, if you behave good and happy for the rest of the life". 

That really worked; so that town became happy and good.

Story written on: April 2011

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jack and his DS.

There was a boy named Jack. He was 8 years old. His favorite toy was a teddy bear and his favorite was DS eletronics game. He had Mario and Lego Ninja, sponge bob and Bakhugan, super mario, pockeman and  other good games. 

One time he went to Walmart and got his DS. He lost his DS and teddy bear. So his mom and his dad had to buy him a new teddy bear and a new DS. Teddy bear was much better than his old one, because when he pressed a button it made noises but he cried because he lost his DS. 

So Jack's mom and dad had to buy him a new DS.

Story written on: November 20, 2011